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  • Title:
    WAYANG 1
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  • Duration:
    65 mins
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    1 day
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WAYANG..The Story of Kuala Lumpur. Once again Masakini and Dua Space Dance Theatre are collaborating in another piece of shadow theatre with the telling of the history of Kuala Lumpur in entertaining and sometimes hilarious ways. Facts and trivia will mix to make up for an entertaining evening for all.

This production is a double bill with last year's WAYANG. Some parts have been replaced by new and current socio-political issues and so this year's WAYANG does have a new feel.

Actors and dancers include Anthony Meh, Aman Yap, Az'farr Baginda, Chi Azim, Farah Ahmad, Kenny Leow, Howard Hew, Ahmad Ezzat, Little, Nicki, Jiun Yee, Fahad Iman bin Zulhisham.