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Unbridled jealousy, greed, unquestioning trust - ingredients for murder and suicide. Sounds all too familiar?

Shakespeare's OTHELLO, with all it's mix of potent human frailties mirroring our times comes to life on our theatre boards. The timelessness and relevance of Shakespeare is never more evident in these trying times.

Danish director Tage Larsen from the renown Odin Teatret directs our actors. Lim Kien Lee (Iago), Gani Karim (Othello), Dawn Cheong (Emilia), Lim Soon Heng (Brabantio/Gratiano), Az'farr Baginda (Roderigo), Alfred Loh (The Duke/Lodovico) and a host of other characters.

Expect Shakespeare out of the ordinary as Mr. Larsen takes the actors and the audience on a journey where jealousy and greed with their twists and turns sweep up the characters into a turbulence beyond their control.