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Masakini Theatre Company presents Ahmad Yatim in his lead role as Makuri in The Swamp Dwellers, a Nigerian play adapted to a local situation.

The play, written by Nobel prize (Literature) winner, Wole Soyinka, examines ingrained traditions, beliefs, religion,life in the kampong and the city but stops short of making a pronouncement on the issues unraveled in the play. Makuris twins Along and Budin leave the Swamps for the city yet both boys meet different fates. Budin falls into debt and loses his wife but Along is a successful and wealthy merchant. In a tense scene, Budin questions the role of his priest and egged on by a blind beggar from the North, he insults the visiting priest, much to the chagrin of Makuri.

What happens next is up to the audience to conclude. The production includes Lim Soon Heng, Zaifri Husin, Lim Kien Lee and the Tandak Dance Ensemble.

Movement and dance sequence in this one and a half hour show is choreographed by Guna and directed by Sabera Shaik.