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Prospero a high priest, banished to an island for dabbling too much in the occult, waits for his chance to revenge his exile upon his brother Antonio and Alonso the king of Naples.

For 12 years, he and his daughter Miranda have existed on this island with Caliban, a half fish, half human monster whom he keeps as his servant, and Aeriel a lively spirit. Both yearn for their freedom and would do anything to gain it.

Prospero's chance at revenge is realized when he comes to know that the ship bearing the king, his brother and courtiers will leave Algiers to return to Italy, after the wedding of the king's daughter. Prospero cooks up a tempest and the shipwreck reaches the island.

Through Prospero's machinations with the help of Aeriel, Ferdinand, son of the king of Naples falls in love with Miranda, therefore securing Prospero's position in society; Sebastian the king's brother is prevented from killing him (the king) and usurping the throne; and all are forgiven for their transgressions toward Prospero at the end of the play. Everyone leaves for Italy leaving Caliban and Aeriel who have gained their freedom when Prospero leaves the island.

The play, based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, will be set on an island in South East Asia and will be given a Nusantara feel or treatment. Music and costumes will be Malay/Indonesian based.