1. Definitions
    1. The terms "we", "our", "us" refers to Masakini Theatre Company Sdn Bhd.
    2. The terms "you", "your" refers to the person who is making the purchase.
    3. The terms "ticket", "tickets" refers to the event tickets purchased online at this website.
  2. Pricing and Availability
    1. We reserve the right to change the prices of any or all tickets without any prior notice. Please refer to the latest prices listed on our website prior to any purchase.
    2. We reserve the right to add or remove any or all events from our website without prior notice. Please refer to our website for the latest list of available events.
  3. Payments and Refunds
    1. We currently accept payments via Paypal. You may make payments from your Paypal funds or credit card via the Paypal secure payment gateway.
    2. All payments are non-refundable.
    3. You agree not to make any refund claims, disputes or chargeback via Paypal or your credit card company with regards to your purchases of the tickets.
  4. Copyright and Restrictions
    1. All copyright and trademarks mentioned on our website belong to their respective owners.
    2. Your purchase entitles you the right to attend the event at the stated venue for the stipulated event date and time.
    3. You agree not to make any copies, reproduce or redistribute the tickets in any shape or form using any means or methods.
  5. Privacy Policy
    1. Any personal details you submit to us during the order process will be kept private and confidential and will not be disclosed to any third-party.
    2. We may use your details to contact you to follow-up on orders, payments or to inform you of new products and services.
  6. Liability and Termination
    1. We will not be responsible for any loss or damages of any kind arising from the connection to our website or the use of any of the products purchased on our website.
    2. We reserve the right, without any prior notice, to revoke access to any or all tickets you have purchased if we find that you have violated any of our terms and conditions.
  7. Changes and Amendments
    1. We reserve the right to change any content on our website without any prior notice.
    2. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notice. You are responsible to ensure you read the latest terms and conditions prior to any purchase on our website.

Last update: 01 Nov 2019